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Tackling Missouri Football’s defensive issues: Paper Tigers and secondary concerns

Recapping Mizzou's 72-43 win over Missouri State.

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The first episode of the 2017 season leads off discussion about Mizzou's 72-43 win over Missouri State by discussing the defensive scheme issues, tackling woes, half-time adjustments and how Mizzou’s offense is going to need to win them games.

Buckle in folks, there are a lot of points be debated.

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Show Notes:

1:00 - Mizzou went toe to toe with FCS powerhouse Missouri State
3:00 - Cross Examination: Who's in charge of the Defense?
6:45 - Schemes and Talent
8:16 - Vanilla vs Rocky Road: Your favorite flavor of game plan
9:30 - DeMarkus Acy's No Good, Very Bad Day
12:35 - What really stopped the Bears' motion

15:00 - The Read and React Scapegoat
19:30 - The recipe for defensive success this year: #DLineZou
21:10 - MOST concerning drives
24:25 - David is the foremost proponent of “up-tempo offenses lead to bad defenses” something we talked about being a concerned on an earlier episode. The Missouri State game raised questions for some about how much blame Mizzou's Offense deserved for the defense's issues? David’s rebuttal starts here.
28:35 - Receiver blocking and route running, the #TightEndPassingGame and other improvements we noticed from the offense.
34:00 - Mizzou's Playcalling tendencies stayed basically the same as last year.
38:00 - Standout Players: Rashad Brandon, Terry Beckner, Kaleb Prewett
41:15 - Listener Question: Coach Stec's influence?
42:42 - Extra Points: Tucker McCann can kick! Damarea Crockett’s touchdown celebrations, Cam Hilton’s targeting penalty and intra-state rivalries
51:01 - South Carolina vs Mizzou Game Predictions