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Game Thread: Mizzou v Auburn

The Tigers host another batch of Tigers this time of the Alabama plains variety.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Mizzou is riding a 6 game hot streak of not winning. Let's see if they can keep it up!


Fightin' Bruce Pearls
Scufflin' Kim Andersons


Hoops, possibly fisticuffs


Today & 6pm


Mizzou's Basketball Facility


Hoping Kim can win at least one more game




Tiger Radio Network
Mike Kelly, Gary Link

Did you know the current six game losing streak is the 3rd longest of Kim Anderson's three year tenure? in 2014-15 they lost 13 in a row, and in 2015-16 they lost nine in a row. Let's see if they can eclipse their streaks from the last two years! But they might be in serious **DANGER** of breaking that streak tonight as Auburn is only a projected 2 point favorite.

Auburn is a not-great 104 in KenPomeroy and have opened SEC play with three straight losses against Georgia, Vanderbilt and Ole Miss. So in looking for their first conference win they head to Columbia, Missouri and walk into one of the most feared College Basketball Arena's of 2009. This year the Mizzou Tigers are nearly a .500 club in said Arena with a mark of 4-5. Their wins have come against Western Kentucky, Miami (OH), Northwestern State and Alabama A&M. None of their wins have come against teams in the top 200 of KenPom with WKU sliding in at 230. Again Auburn is 104. So there's reason to believe the 44% chance to win tonight MIGHT be a touch high.

So here's to what amounts to the Tigers best chance at a win the rest of the schedule! M-I-Z!