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Game Thread: Mississippi at Missouri

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Through five conference games, the Tigers have shown signs of improvement but at the end of the day have 0 wins to show for it. Missouri looks to avoid a 10-game losing streak as they take on a banged up Ole Miss squad.


Mississippi Rebels
Missouri Tigers




1/21 @ 2:30


Quin Snyder Arena
Columbia, Mo


The Wins are Right
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SEC Network


Tiger Radio Network
Mike Kelly, Gary Link

Missouri basketball is struggling. Here are some stats to explain why the Tigers have been unable to win during SEC play:

The Tigers are closer to winning than the stats suggest. With that being said Mizzou's biggest flaws are the toughest things to fix. Obviously, the team realizes that they need to shoot at a higher percentage, but actually doing so is the tough part. Fans love to blame Kim Anderson for everything, and a lot of that is justified but at the end of the dayAnderson isn't the one that is causing them to miss open shots. So until the team finds a way passed their inability to score, this team will continue to lose regardless of the coach.

With that being said, Missouri finally puts it together today and knocks off Ole Miss 63-57.