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Missouri’s revenue and expenses both jumped in 2015-16. How much will revenue fall in 2016-17?

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

South Dakota State v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The KC Star got a hold of Mizzou’s 2015-16 financials. Quite a few interesting takeaways.

  • Revenue jumped 5.5%, while expenses jumped 8.6%. The difference there is likely because of cost-of-attendance stipends that began in 2015-16.
  • Media rights revenue jumped 27%, thanks to the SEC Network.
  • Ticket revenue dropped 18% ... and that was in 2015-16. As we know, ticket sales plummeted this past fall as Mizzou’s football attendance dropped from 65,120 to 52,236. And, of course, basketball attendance hasn’t improved. Gulp. The drop in 2015-16 was due partially to having one fewer home game than normal. That won’t be the reason for the drop in 2016-17.

Regarding that last bullet, I guess the good news is that, projecting forward, both Mizzou Football and Mizzou Basketball are likely to improve next year — the football team was crazy-young, and the basketball team ... well ... it’s even crazier-young and might be under new leadership. (And it can’t get much worse.)

So there’s that.

Other Links

  • Aarion Penton apparently did so well in the East-West Shrine Game that he got called up to the Senior Bowl. I didn’t realize that’s something that actually happens, but well done, Mr. Maxey-Penton.
  • Roster Paring Season continues: junior-to-be Josh Moore is transferring.

The Post-Dispatch and Trib have more.

It’s a shame this one didn’t work out. Moore is a great athlete but seemed like your prototypical ‘tweener, not quite quick enough to be a great end and not big enough for tackle. He bounced between both spots and stuck at neither. Good luck to him.

  • Next up for Mizzou Hoops: the most winnable remaining road game. Mississippi State’s improving pretty quickly, though, so Mizzou’s odds are down to 17% per Pomeroy. Whatever, here’s a nice feature on Jordan Barnett.
  • Mizzou Women’s Hoops did exactly what it needed to do in Fayetteville last night: pummel an iffy team. They led 21-8 after one quarter and cruised from there, 60-46.
  • Mizzou Network is cranking out the videos. Here’s one on Swimming & Diving star Lauren Reedy.