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The case for firing Kim Anderson immediately

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

After prefacing with a “He is such a stand-up guy that I feel lousy writing this column,” The Trib’s Joe Walljasper laid out the case for why firing Kim Anderson now might be the most humane option. There are no shocking, new revelations here, but Joe is a very good writer, therefore it’s a very good read.

If you haven’t been to games at Mizzou Arena lately — and you probably haven’t — they have become almost surreal, played in eerie quiet in front of the least-judgmental portion of the fan base. Those prone to agitation stopped coming a while back. On Wednesday, the student section consisted of the band and three Antlers.

This is what the absence of hope looks, sounds and feels like.

I know Anderson says he wants to keep fighting and win enough games to save his job. I would love to see that, too. It would be an incredible story. But it isn’t realistic.

Meanwhile, to make the lousy feelings that much stronger, Austin Peay’s head coach Dave Loos — father of Mizzou assistant Brad Loos, whose daughter Rhyan has been battling cancer — has taken a leave of absence to focus on chemotherapy and fighting cancer as well.

(That the first response to that Anderson tweet was someone heckling him was ... predictable. And quite pathetic.)

If you have a shred of humanity, there’s no way to feel good about calling for Anderson’s firing. There’s no way to build up a good, righteous lather for more than a few minutes at a time. There is no fun in this. In a couple of months, this tenure will probably be over, and we’ll be talking about replacement candidates. But for now, there is only the miserable present.

Happy Friday, everybody!

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