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SEC Power Rankings Week 8

The SEC is both good and terrible!

SEC Power Rankings

Welcome back to your weekly SEC Power Rankings, where we’re in full SEC on SEC action from here on out until the first weekend of March. Last week we had the lucky teams that were invited to participate in SEC-Big 12 challenge facing off in SEC vs SEC games, while the other four teams (State, Bama, South Carolina and Mizzou) played their final nonconference games to different levels of success.

With those games in the books our voters can now say with some level of authority the following, the top 3 of the SEC (UK, Florida and SC) are quite good and the bottom two (State and Mizzou) are quite bad. Our most interesting teams, Vandy and Tennessee continue to befuddle our voters, while the rest of the conference is the mess we know the SEC can be.

Tier 1

Tier 1 continues to be the house Kentucky lives in and allows others to visit on occasion. This week, they’ve let Florida into the mix and could hear South Carolina knocking on the door now that Sindarius Thornwell is back. Kentucky has started SEC play by beating up on Ole Miss at the Pavilion that Marshall Henderson built and then in their first home game in a month annihilated poor little Texas A&M who may be reverting to a football school before our very eyes. The Gators also took care of business beating Ole Miss by seven in a game that wasn’t this close and had gone on the road and won at Bud Walton last week in a very impressive showing.

Tier 2

Now some could argue that South Carolina belongs in Tier 1, but until Thornwell returned from his six game suspension for whatever he did or did not do, the Cocks were average at best, going 3-3 and taking a severe beating at Memphis last Friday night. The Cocks did bounce back however and beat Georgia on the road with the returns of Thornwell, looking once again like the team that barring a weird loss to a Mizzou should be dancing in March. Arkansas remains in 4th place (mostly out of lack of options I’m guessing) after getting a rare Mike Anderson road win at surprising Tennessee. So like goes as expected, Arkansas loses at home and wins on the road…totally normal. Finally, joining these two teams are the Bulldogs of Athens who lost at home to recently whole South Carolina, but fear not Bulldogs fans, Mizzou comes a calling later today so a win is only 40 minutes away.

Tier 3

As always, the middle of the SEC is as slippery as an eel or freshly caught mackerel. Frankly, it’s a mess in here. Vanderbilt leads the tier, having started the conference season 2-0 however, those wins are over LSU and Auburn and that’s not something to get too excited about. Tennessee joins Vandy as our biggest risers in the poll getting a road win at Texas A&M (who may be bad again) and a loss at home to Arkansas (who is confusing). The Vols have looked better than expected all year so, let’s just enjoy the orange ride shall we? The Rebels check in at 8th after starting the season 0-2 with losses to both Kentucky and Florida. They won’t have another set of back to back games as complicated in the SEC this season so they can be forgiven these losses. A&M who follows them however, is now 0-2 in conference and not looking good doing it. The Aggies were beaten at home by Tennessee and then destroyed by UK where Ashley Judd watched on and laughed and clapped and generally irritated opposing fans who don’t like her. The sledding doesn’t look any easier with a trip to South Carolina this weekend, so the slide could continue. Finally rounding out the middle of the conference are the Tide of Alabama who beat State on the road this week and are perfect in conference. Though again, Jalen Hurts could swallow a peanut wrong, choke for 7 seconds and Bama fans would focus on that for the next two days as opposed to anything the basketball team did. ROLL TIDE!

Tier 4

Things are not great for the Tigers of Tier 4. The Tigers of the plains are 0-2 having lost to Georgia at home and Vandy on the road (DEVIL COURT), and have a home game with Ole Miss this weekend to right the ship before they head back on the road to Columbia, Missouri where road wins are available. LSU also resides in Tier 4 after suffering a bad loss to Vandy last week and getting a win over Mizzou on the road this week, which really doesn’t mean much.

Tier 5

Welcome to the bottom, where we have two teams who used to being here, State and Mizzou. State suffered a home loss to Alabama and their stifling defense, but at least the Hump looks great. Mizzou meanwhile is 0 for the conference after getting Johnny Jones’ed…the end can’t come soon enough in Columbia, MO.

Team Points Ranking Ranking Last Week Change Highest Pick Lowest Pick
Kentucky 126 1st 1st None 1st 1st
Florida 117 2nd 2nd None 2nd 2nd
South Carolina 107 3rd 3rd None 3rd 4th
Arkansas 97 4th 4th None 3rd 6th
Georgia 86 5th 5th None 4th 9th
Vanderbilt 67 6th 10th Up 4 4th 13th
Tennessee 60 7th 9th Up 2 6th 14th
Ole Miss 58 8th 8th None 6th 12th
Texas A&M 56 9th 6th Down 3 7th 12th
Alabama 54 10th 12th Up 2 5th 11th
Auburn 47 11th 6th Down 5 8th 11th
LSU 36 12th 11th Down 1 6th 13th
Mississippi State 23 13th 13th None 11th 13th
Mizzou 11 14th 14th None 12th 14th

Points were distributed as follows: 1st = 14, 2nd = 13, 3rd = 12, 4th = 11, 5th = 10, 6th = 9, 7th = 8, 8th = 7, 9th = 6, 10th = 5, 11th = 4, 12th = 3, 13th = 2, and 14th = 1

Another win at The Hump for the Tide. Finally closed out a tight game late. The roster looks better than it has in the last few years but it is missing the guy to carry the load like they had in Releford and Obasohan recently. (Garnet and Black Attack)

I was reading last week's power rankings and saw that Avery Johnson is 51. I was honestly so shocked by that I forgot to write anything else about them. (Team Speed Kills)

Beating Miss St isn't that impressive, but it was on the road. O/U on the number of Alabama students who know they play a home game both tomorrow and Tuesday is set at 11 1/2 (and this should include student managers and actual players on the team too). (Dawg Sports)

Arkansas is hanging around just enough to probably upset Kentucky or Florida. (Red Cup Rebellion)

We didn't think a road win over Tennessee would be all that impressive, but here we are. (Anchor of Gold)

Every Arkansas road win is found money, and they found some money in Knoxville. (Good Bull Hunting)

Losing at Vanderbilt is nothing to get upset about it, everyone does and everyone knows why they lose there. (Rock M Nation)

Oh no! We suck again! (College and Magnolia)

Oh don't mind me; I'm just busy deleting my post from a week ago where I predicted that they'd win 10 SEC games this season. (Team Speed Kills)

Florida is long and athletic and can really shoot it. So, yeah, nothing much has changed. (Red Cup Rebellion)

If you feel like being a contrarian, pick them to win the conference and I won't call you crazy. (Anchor of Gold)

Great start to SEC play for the Gators. Can they remain perfect in league play before the trip to Columbia? (TENN, @ALA, UGA) (Garnet and Black Attack)

Georgia is going to be a dangerous second-tier team. (College and Magnolia)

Failing to make the NCAAs, again, with a strong senior PG and arguably the best player in the conference inside, and that's not gonna be good. (Dawg Sports)

At this point I’m guessing Georgia isn’t going to do enough in conference play to get off the bubble, so let’s just fast forward to Nashville in March and watch Maten do everything in his power to drag his teammates, Uga, Mark Fox and the state of Georgia to Dayton and the First Four. (Rock M Nation)

They killed us by 42 without shifting out of second gear. (Good Bull Hunting)

Kentucky is here for your soul. (College and Magnolia)

At this point, it would be weird if Kentucky DIDN'T score 100 every game. (Red Cup Rebellion)


There wasn't much shifting around this week but LSU has shown itself to be exceptionally bad along with Mizzou. (Orange and White Report)

I'm definitely giving them too much credit for beating Mizzou. (Dawg Sports)

I'm honestly kind of shocked Johnny Jones didn't answer Billy Kennedy's challenge by finding a way to lose to Mizzou. (Anchor of Gold)

Lost the home opener to Alabama. With the games coming up, if they fail to win at LSU they could be looking at 0-6 to start league play. (Garnet and Black Attack)

They needed that game against Bama. The schedule breaks in a brutal way for MSU over the next two weeks, and they might not see daylight for a while. (Good Bull Hunting)

At least you're not last. (Dawg Sports)

Haha you guys thought you were about to beat LSU, huh? Well, first half Mizzou looked like a team that could actually go 1-17 in SEC play. (Team Speed Kills)

Kim Anderson got sort of a vote of confidence from the AD, while also telling the fans he’s not blind, and Mizzou got beat by Johnny Jones…if a real dumpster had caught fire and somehow rolled on the court at halftime, banged out the front door and crashed into Kim Anderson’s car and exploded, I don’t think anyone would have been surprised. (Rock M Nation)

Better odds of happening: Kentucky going 18-0 or Mizzou going 0-18? You can say both, you know...(Anchor of Gold)

Ole Miss got a rough draw to start conference play. They could start 1-4. (College and Magnolia)

Sebastian Saiz is averaging a double-double. Everyone else for Ole Miss is meh. (Red Cup Rebellion)

Ole Miss started 0-2, losing those two games by a combined 30 points, and I've still got them in the top half. This is a weird year. (Good Bull Hunting)

Everyone in Columbia is overjoyed to see the return of Sindarius Thornwell. The Gamecocks were 3-3 in his absence, but they're still undefeated when he plays. (Team Speed Kills)

Good to beat UGA, especially after dropping 3 to the Dawgs last year. Thornwell came back and made the plays to win the game. Dozier also got back in the 20s. Need to take care of business over the next week before the Florida/@UK back to back. (Garnet and Black Attack)

Sindarius Thornwell's back. Adjust your opinions of them accordingly. (Anchor of Gold)

It took four years, but Robert Hubbs being a five-star recruit is no longer a bad joke. (Anchor of Gold)

Tennessee had a nice win at Texas A&M but then dropped a game at home to Arkansas. (Orange and White Report)

That win against Texas A&M was shocking, and they almost pulled off an impressive victory against Arkansas. Rick Barnes' Vols maybe aren't as bad as initially thought? (Team Speed Kills)

Lost by 42 at Kentucky after the home loss to Tennessee. (Garnet and Black Attack)

We took a 3-0 lead against Kentucky. That was fun. (Good Bull Hunting)

Billy Kennedy’s team is starting to look a lot like Andy Kennedy’s team again…(Rock M Nation)

I don't think they are the 4th best team in the conference, but a win in Baton Rouge and dominant performance over Auburn along with the rest of the conference looking like lukewarm tapioca pudding, and here we go. (Dawg Sports)

Is capable of beating anyone if they're hitting jump shots. But we've also seen how ugly things can get when they're not. (Anchor of Gold)

Vanderbilt what are you doing 2-0 in the conference? (Red Cup Rebellion)

That’s your weekly rankings, we’ll be back next week when hopefully some teams in the SEC will have figured out that the ball is supposed to go in the hoop and not off to the side.

Enjoy the games everyone!