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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em: Final Update & who's watching tonight's game?

Our contest has come to an end, with a clear winner and we did worse as a whole compared to last year. Come see how you did and a thread for tonight's championship rematch.

Sorry, but our winner doesn't get a fancy trophy like this one.
Sorry, but our winner doesn't get a fancy trophy like this one.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With tonight featuring the championship game, figured it'd be a good time to put out the final update to our bowl pick 'em. Take a night off of being upset with our basketball program and enjoy some football. The tie-breaker questions won't be needed, but, for fun and not all that shocking, the large majority picked Alabama. Only seven went with Clemson.

So the winner is KCTIGER with a record of 48-33. Next is a three way tie for second place, with a 46-35 finish, comprised of our coin flip entry, Pete_in_Texas, and trripleplay. At the other end, FNU2 ended up going 29-52, with a group of three right above that. Overall, the group as a whole ended up with the right picks 47.36% of the time. (We were above 50% last year.) The over/unders hurt. As usual, find it all HERE. I haven't gotten around to compiling the all time records, but one day that'll happen.

So are you pulling for Clemson now? I'm going to, 'Bama's had enough fun. Thanks to all who played, we'll do it again next year. Look for a March Madness bracket challenge in a couple of months, and, if you are watching, let's hope for a good game. Enjoy your evening, folks!