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Barry Odom’s Tigers showed fight, but can they close out 2017 with wins?

Despite loss to Kentucky, Mizzou became the team we thought we’d see in 2017

Week 6 and Missouri football is sitting at a disappointing 1-4 after losing a nail-biter on the road to Kentucky 40-34. Barry Odom’s Tigers appeared to show some progress after regrouping during the bye week but ultimately it wasn’t enough to earn his first road win.

We brought special guest Alec Blome on to help us discuss J’Mon Moore, Ish Witter as two of the more under-appreciated players to come through Mizzou. We also praised defensive standouts Terez Hall and Terry Beckner and talk about how Drew Lock played well but still has a lot of room to improve and so does Missouri.

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Show Notes:

1:00 — J’Mon Moore’s fumble and official shenanigans
3:50 — Most un-appreciated Mizzou players?
4:15 — Ish Witter showed he’s a complete back
7:40 — Emanual Hall’s big day
9:25 — Is Johnathon Johnson finally being used correctly?
10:15 — Drew Lock still needs to improve
11:10 — Mizzou finally showed up
11:45 — Poor Cale Garrett
14:30 — Who’s Fault Is It Anyway?
15:00 — Talkin’ About Routes
16:30 — On Barry Odom earning a 3rd year
17:25 — Fast forward to winnable games: Idaho Vandals, Connecticut Husky
19:00 — Best bad offense, or worst good offense?
19:45 — Mizzou’s offense is explosive, but
20:05 — Statistical Positivity!
21:30 — Red Zone offense :(
22:40 — Fullback U
23:50 — Terez Hall deserves props!
24:40 — Mizzou’s best defensive lineup
26:00 — On DeMarkus Acy’s ejection penalty
28:00 — What game can Mizzou steal?
29:00 — Jim Harbaugh to Mizzou?