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Mizzou Hoops did some running, jumping, and smiling for the cameras on Thursday

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Mizzou Basketball held an open practice of sorts on Thursday, which means ... it’s picture time! The Post-Dispatch posted a gallery, as did PowerMizzou and The Trib. The KC Star posted some video. The Trib’s Tim Tal shared some shots on Twitter.

Meme-worthy, imo.

Being that this wasn’t anything more than Mizzou players smiling, running, and jumping a bit (Jeremiah Tilmon can jump quite high), there’s not exactly much newsworthy here. But hey, smiling is good. And the P-D’s Dave Matter did share some quick impressions:

Meanwhile, it probably goes without saying that, with a BORDER WAR SCRIMMAGE!!! potentially on the horizon, the KC Star’s Vahe Gregorian has some thoughts. He’s been prepping for this moment for years.

In 30 years in this business, any top 25 of events I’ve covered, maybe even top 10, immediately includes the home-and-home series in 2011-2012 and the 2007 football game between the teams.

Not because of who won or lost but the stakes and the passion that came with the exclusive relationship.

Something important was lost.

But now there is a new baseline, a potential foundation for rebuilding trust between the two.

More Links:

  • Throwback Thursday with Martin Rucker!
  • Mizzou Soccer won! After a series of competitive losses, the Tigers broke a 1-1 tie with Kentucky with a Jessica Johnson goal in the 83rd minute and posted their sixth win of the season, 2-1.