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Missouri’s offense had to be perfect against Georgia but was merely good instead

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Both Rock M’s Tramel Raggs and Tashan Reed were on hand in Athens this weekend, and they teamed up nicely — Tashan wrote the post-game piece, and Tramel did the Facebook Live session and took video.

Drew Lock Post Game 10/14/17

Missouri Quarterback Drew Lock continued his improved play. Lock passed for 253 yards and 4 touchdowns in the Tigers loss to Georgia

Posted by Rock M Nation on Sunday, October 15, 2017
Cale Garrett postgame 10/14/17

Missouri Linebacker Cale Garrett on the loss to Georgia: We wanna win so badly (but) if we would just stick to what we're supposed to do in our assignment we'd be better off for it.

Posted by Rock M Nation on Sunday, October 15, 2017
Paul Adams 10/14/17

Missouri O-Lineman Paul Adams on the Tigers lack of toughness when run blocking versus Missouri.

Posted by Rock M Nation on Sunday, October 15, 2017
Marcell Frazier Postgame 10/14/17

Missouri DE Marcell Frazier on the remaining six games for Missouri

Posted by Rock M Nation on Sunday, October 15, 2017
Terry Beckner Postgame 10/14/17

Missouri DT Terry Beckner Jr. following the 53-28 loss to Missouri

Posted by Rock M Nation on Sunday, October 15, 2017

Meanwhile, here are a few videos from (the former) Mizzou Network:

One of the primary topics of conversation for Barry Odom afterward: how to mask a dreadfully unready secondary.

“First and second down defense was better at times,” Odom said optimistically.

The formula for beating Georgia coming in was to force its offense to go to the air, and Missouri did that. But the unit wasn’t good enough to stop the Bulldogs through the air. Fromm slowed down eventually, but the measures that Missouri had to take to stop the pass crippled its run defense. Georgia finished with 370 rushing yards on 51 attempts.

First and second downs were indeed pretty good for a while! And that doesn’t matter at all if Jake Fromm has 45 seconds to find an open receiver on third-and-11. It all ties together.

The Tigers were younger in the secondary but not much better as Georgia pillaged the Mizzou defense for 696 yards in the 53-28 victory. The Tigers managed one takeaway and only one sack.

“In our man-to-man coverage we weren’t very good,” Odom said. “We went to a zone concept and didn’t get enough rush in time to be able to cover up all the zones. … I was hoping we could get a little more pressure early on and it didn’t happen.”

Basically, the secondary’s troubles forced the offense to be perfect against a really, really good Georgia defense. It was merely good.

The search for answers will continue, and as it pertains to the morale in the locker room, everyone is saying the right things. That’s good because there are a lot of wins remaining on Missouri’s schedule for a decent, competent team. There are neither any sure wins or sure losses. (We’ll be diving more into this soon.) Can Mizzou reach “decent, competent” stage?

More Links:

(This weekend kinda stunk overall, honestly.)