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Tickets for the Mizzou-Kansas hoops scrimmage sold out in minutes. Go figure.

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

We’re three days from Homecoming ... and talking about basketball. As one probably could have expected, tickets for Sunday’s Mizzou-Kansas scrimmage at the Sprint Center sold out almost instantaneously.

Both schools were allotted approximately 9,000 tickets to the charity game that will raise funds for hurricane relief efforts in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Missouri's allotment went on sale at 2 p.m. and sold out at 2:10, the school announced. Student tickets were gone in two minutes.

Didn’t get a ticket? You’re pretty much out of luck.

The plan for any unsold tickets, had there been unsold tickets from either school’s allotment, was to place them on sale Wednesday morning to the general public. There will be no public sale as all the tickets sold out Tuesday.

One gets the impression that if they had arranged to play the scrimmage at Arrowhead, it would have sold out.

It’s not hard to see why Kansas’ Bill Self was so resolute in his refusal to think about re-establishing a series between these two schools. He knew that the moment he gave an inch, the fight was over. As of Sunday evening, both the local and national cries of “Why wouldn’t you do this every damn year???” will grow deafening.

More Links:

  • The SEC is, on average, loaded when it comes to women’s basketball. It did, after all, feature both of the finalists in last year’s NCAA tournament. So the fact that Mizzou was picked third in the league in the preseason is pretty damn staggering. Only last year’s two national finalists (South Carolina and Mississippi State) start out ahead of the Tigers. And it probably goes without saying that Sophie Cunningham is preseason first-team all-conference.
  • Karissa Schweizer may have (gasp) lost a race last weekend, but she still logged a personal best in the 6K, and she still won SEC runner of the week. #respect
  • We got both video and smack talk from the baseball-softball charity mashup over the weekend. Video:

As for the smack, just check out Trey Harris’ Twitter timeline. (Mizzou Softball clapped back at one point and won the battle but deleted the tweet, presumably in the name of harmony.)