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Recruits decommitting: one of the most reliable parts of the Bad Season Checklist

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

NCAA Football: Idaho at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The “respect my decision” portion of the Bad Season Checklist has begun. A few weeks ago, Alabama prospect La’Dedric Jackson decommitted from Missouri. On Wednesday, it was Cam Taylor’s turn.

Then, on Thursday morning, it was reportedly James Foster’s turn as well.

Foster committed to Mizzou back in April, while Taylor was the third commitment Missouri received during Night at the Zou weekend back in July. They are both having exciting senior seasons, which means extra recruiting attention ... which means lots of “Why limit yourself? Why not see what options are out there?” thoughts entering the brain.

Foster removed any sort of “Mizzou commit” paraphernalia from his Twitter bio recently. He also announced an LSU offer. It was pretty easy to see what was going to happen next.

It might be oversimplification to say “This is what happens when you have an unexpectedly bad year,” but ... this is what happens when you have an unexpectedly bad year. Obviously it’s cause for concern, especially if the decommits continue (and they very well could), but the only thing Mizzou can do about it in this precise moment is beat UConn, then beat Florida, then beat Tennessee, etc.

You have to generate positive attention, and you can really only do that by winning games. In the offseason, that was the key to trying to land some of the Tiger 10, and now it’s the key to holding onto who they have landed. They have two wins in seven games. Here’s to hoping for a few more moving forward. Win some games, then see what you can salvage.

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