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James Foster’s decommitment draws positive response from former Mizzou QB

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

As disappointing as it was to see James Foster’s (incredibly foreseeable) decommitment come to fruition, one of the responses to his post was more disappointing than others.

No, I’m not talking about bitter Mizzou fans doing bitter Mizzou fan things (that’s disappointing, too, but also incredibly predictable). More like bitter former Mizzou quarterbacks telling Foster the decommitment is the best decision he has ever made.

He also then RT’d this:

At some point, I’ll have to find out what good it would do a brand new head coach and a brand new offensive coordinator to walk in the door and immediately hand the QB job to someone undeserving of it out of some sense of legacy obligation. Doesn’t really seem like the soundest approach.

I liked Marvin Zanders’ legs as much as the next fan, but I’m pretty sure Drew Lock ended up the starting quarterback because he was better. I’d have loved to see Barry Odom and Josh Heupel commit to a short-yardage package for Zanders — Mizzou was so mediocre at finishing drives last year that it probably couldn’t have hurt. But I’m pretty sure the better QB got the starting job, be it through “true competition” or not.

Actually, scratch all of that. Let us all simply respond as former Mizzou defensive tackle Lucas Vincent did:

Said more in 13 words than I will end up saying in this entire post.

More Football Links:

  • I was right: these CLOSER LOOK highlights from Mizzou are indeed a lot more enjoyable after wins than after losses.

More Links:

  • #MizzouMade

And #MizzouMade.

And #MizzouMade.

  • Woo buddy, the expectations are piling up for Mizzou Women’s Hoops this year. They’ll begin the season 16th in the preseason polls. Big things are expected of sophomore Amber Smith this year as well.
  • Karissa Schweizer is relaxed and ready for the Cross Country postseason. What about her teammates?
  • Okay, I stand corrected. I thought Mizzou Soccer’s last weekend loss eliminated the Tigers from the SEC Tournament. Turns out, that wasn’t the case. Mizzou’s 2-0 win over LSU last night, which featured goals from Kaitlyn Clark and Savannah Trujillo, allowed them to eke into the tournament after all. They nabbed the 10-seed and will play 7-seed Alabama on Sunday in Orange Beach, Ala. The Tide defeated Mizzou in OT this past Sunday. Which I thought eliminated the Tigers. But didn’t. Surprise!
  • If you’re desperately searching for ways to kill the hours until the big Mizzou-UConn game on Saturday evening, feel free to wander on by the Hearnes Center tonight at 6:30 for the annual Black & Gold Dual.