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Pregamin’ Connecticut


Dashing through the snow! In a huskier-driven sled! To a bowl we go! Or off comes Odom’s head!

Another week, another dope hype video:

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean:

Theres, uh... there’s a lot going on here. I’m going to have to see this combo on a player before deciding if its good or bad.

What the “experts” are saying:

1. Mizzou's coming off a win! Oh, happy day! And while it was just against Idaho, Mizzou did clearly look like the superior team? What was the most encouraging part of the homecoming win in your eyes?

Chris Bohkay - The most encouraging thing was that Mizzou dominated a team they should have. This was the kind of game we had hoped we'd seen against SEMO in game 1. So yeah, they looked like they should have looked 6 weeks ago...

Mitch Hill - Mizzou winning in convincing fashion was a nice sight to see. I would also say the play on the defensive side of the ball. Yes, it's Idaho, but this Defense did give up 43 points to Missouri State.

switzy227 - Actually stopping an opposing offense.

Josh Matejka - I’m with Chris. People I’ve talked to this week have said, “Well, they should’ve destroyed Idaho!” Yeah, but they also played an arguably worse team in Missouri State and only pulled away at the end. It’s about as low a bar as you can set, but doing things you should be doing is a good thing for a team that hasn’t done it pretty much all year.

AlaTiger - Destroying a supposedly competent defense was fun, but the defense playing well even if against a sorry offense was the best.

2. This week, Mizzou is going up against the UConn Huskies, which is a fine breed of dog to have as your college mascot. If you had to choose a dog breed to name your favorite team after, which one would it be?

Bohkay - The Lab-Hound-Pit mixes because that's the kind of dog I have and I think he'd fit Mizzou well. He's a little aggressive, cautious, and afraid of everything.

Mitch - A Golden Retriever or a Husky, honestly. Great dogs.

switzy227 - I'm not a dog person so I'll pass. I would prefer to name a team after a bear.

Matejka - It doesn’t roll off the tongue, but damn if Rhodesian Ridgebacks aren’t the most intimidating dogs on earth. Imagine a pitbull, but bulkier and taller. I dogsat a Ridgeback once and I think it probably could’ve made the linebacker two-deep on this Mizzou team - ZING!

AlaTiger - I love Schnauzers. Maybe not the best mascot, but I’m not picking another breed.

3. Earlier this week, Bill posted a Sunshine Pumping piece about why Mizzou's chances to make it to 6 wins are much higher now than they were a week ago. Are you buying into the hype that this season could yet be salvaged? If not, what would it take to get you there?

Bohkay - Nope, not buying it. Beating a bad team at home does not signal to me that anything has changed, nor will this weekend's game. Beat an SEC team, no matter how bad they are, then I'll start sipping the Kool Aid. Until then, this team is still sitting on two wins and looked crappy outside of the first half of the first half of the Georgia game.

Mitch - I'm in. 6-6 here we come! Seriously, it is something that can be done. If the team plays like they have in the last three weeks, it can happen. Sure, winning this game *should* happen, but after that, the schedule is as favorable as one can be in the SEC.

switzy227 - Win this one, and I'll be fully in. I am already mostly there.

Matejka - I’m conflicted. Because here’s the thing: I think we’re back to where we were at the beginning of the season. Mizzou’s about to go play a team it should handle (think Missouri State) before playing a better team that it has a chance to beat (Florida). All we know about Mizzou is that they’ve got a bad defense that has shown very slight signs of being mediocre, and they’ve got an offense that can torch bad teams. And to be honest, a win against UConn tomorrow won’t really change anything.

I’m with Bohkay again on this one: I’m not going to be convinced Mizzou is for real until they actually show out for a full game against an SEC opponent. Yes, beating Idaho was a big step in the right direction, but only because they’d taken several steps in the wrong direction first.

TL;DR: Mizzou needs to blow UConn out tomorrow and then beat Florida next week - or at least play a solid, competitive game where they don’t beat themselves.

AlaTiger - Sure, it could be. Will it? That’s why they play the games.


Bohkay - Mizzou 35-Uconn 34 and some of the worst fans I've ever been around go home sad, like they should.

Mitch - Mizzou 42 UConn 24. But UConn scores a Garbage time TD to push that score to 24.

switzy227 - Mizzou gets it done 52-28.

Matejka - Mizzou handles business to set up a season deciding - and probably offseason deciding - game against Florida. 45-28

AlaTiger - Mizzou puts up at least 50. I don’t know which defense will show up.