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Never minds what the nerds say: Missouri players are reacting well to Barry Odom’s post-Auburn rant

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

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So by this point, you probably know how we at Rock M Nation tend to feel about Barry Odom’s post-Auburn rant and the validity of his sudden “This was a rebuild!” narrative. The stats don’t really back up what he was saying, and it sure seems like convenient spin to some degree.

It also doesn’t matter in the slightest how we feel about it. The players’ responses are infinitely more important, and with players back in front of media mics this week following the bye week, we’re learning what they have to say.

“Going off” is how Witter described Odom’s speech. He found Odom’s passion motivating, but the moment was also sobering. The speech meant Mizzou — 1-3, thus far helpless against FBS teams and approaching its first road game at Kentucky this weekend — had reached a dark place.

So players feel as though they owe Odom a greater effort, but they also understand they cannot bother themselves with worrying about the intimidating task of restoring their record to a respectable place. That can’t occur in a single week.

“He’s done his part,” Witter said of Odom. “Everyone needs to do their part also.”

If Odom’s spin gets guys a little more focused on doing their part and getting better, then Missouri will probably improve a little bit. Screw what the nerds in their mothers’ basements have to say.

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