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Yeah, well, at least Missouri has a really good long-snapper

And he’s really happy to be here.

They say you only remember the long-snapper’s name if he does something bad. That’s not quite true — former Tiger Beau Brinkley is so good at his job that he’s still earning a million dollars a year to long-snap in the NFL, and I would say quite a few Mizzou fans probably remember his name.

However, if you asked Mizzou fans to name the team’s current long-snapper, you might get a blank look. I know I couldn’t have named James Workman III right offhand, at least not until reading this Missourian piece.

James Workman III played in every game as a walk-on long snapper at San Jose State in 2016 and hoped to earn a scholarship. But the school fired coach Ron Caragher, and the new staff was hesitant to extend an offer. San Jose State's tuition was too expensive, and Workman III was forced to transfer.

The father and son were five hours into a seven-hour trek from their Seattle home to Boise State, where Workman III was planning to enroll. His life plans shifted when he received a timely phone call from Matt Wigley.

Wigley is Workman III's private long-snapping trainer. Kenronte Walker, Wigley's former college roommate who's now a graduate assistant at Missouri, said the Tigers needed a long snapper.

Read the whole story. Workman’s journey to Columbia featured both perseverance and a little bit of faith in the NCAA (which requires mega-faith). And he’s been awesome thus far. For all of the problems this Mizzou team has to deal with, Workman’s trip to Columbia has assured long-snapping isn’t one of them.

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