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Pregamin’ Kentucky


Total Eclipse of Faurot
Josh Matejka

Another week, another dope hype video:

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean:

Editor’s note: I’m a sucker for white out jerseys.

What the “experts” are saying:

And now, back for another week of incorrect picks and predictions:

1. Barry Odom made a dramatic "turnaround" speech two weeks ago, seemingly energizing his players and *some* fans... but then he went and lost a recruit and a starting wide receiver during the week off. At this point, how could morale get any lower for Mizzou football?

Chris Bohkay - In the most Mizzou way possible, Mizzou football gets caught up in a pay for play basketball only scandal going all the way back to Don Faurot. The NCAA, instead of penalizing Mizzou, just looks at the current football situation and thinks, that's punishment enough.

switzy227 - Realistically, I think the quickest way would be a "loud" season-ending injury to one of our key guys. Something involving getting carted off the field. Yes, I am tempting fate.

jaeger - Barry Odom is fired. Jim Sterk walks out to the podium to announce his successor. IS... IS THAT TURNER GILL'S MUSIC?!

Mitch Hill - I would have to say something like a major injury or Barry Odom is no longer the head coach, personally. I know some people aren’t too happy with him, but I still believe in Odom.

AlaTiger - It won't take anything dramatic. Just more of the same. Treading water is losing ground.

Josh Matejka - I hate that I even asked this question. Thinking about things being worse makes me want to cry. But I guess I would say Odom gets canned and the recruits jump ship. That would truly be rock bottom.

2. In a normal year, Kentucky vs. Mizzou would stir up more excitement on the hardwood than on the grid iron. And, hey, speaking of basketball we're only 5 weeks away! Is the excitement of the revamped basketball program sapping your excitement for football?

Bohkay - Not so much, since I was more excited for basketball in the first place, but it does make moving on to the roundball that much quicker and easier.

switzy227 - Football continues to do the heavy lifting in dampening my excitement for football.

jaeger - No, but my lack of excitement for football is enabling me to invest extra excitement in basketball. Gonna be a great year!

Mitch - I am amused at the “At least there’s basketball season” comments coming out this year. It’s been a minute. But I still enjoy Mizzou Football and College Football, even if the product isn't great.

AlaTiger - No, football has that handled.

Matejka - The fact that I’m offering an emphatic NO reveals how truly miserable this season has been.

3. At this point, there's almost nothing we can point to that stirs up hope of a turnaround for this team. But let's be optimistic: What do you think is the spark that finally gets this team going?

Bohkay - The Larry Smith school of motivation, tennis balls with the words "bounce back" on them, if that doesn't work, I don't know what will.

switzy227 - I think it'll take a full-game win over an SEC school. One where all phases are successful and the win is relatively definitive. Something to illustrate to these guys that they are capable of it.

jaeger - Something that hasn't been working just has to click, and it has to be something that will cascade through the rest of the team. That means either D-Line Zou wakes up and has a 12 sack game against Kentucky on Saturday, or Drew Lock and the receivers suddenly remember how to throw and catch and rack up 400 passing yards and 4 touchdowns on offense.

Mitch - An SEC win and a road win would be awesome. BUT I wouldn’t be against Micah Wilson or Jack Lowary stepping in there and getting some snaps. Why not?

AlaTiger - The team needs to string together enough positives and get some luck and actually win a meaningful game.

Matejka - I have to think it’s going to be something offensively, only because that’s where we know the talent is. I think a good game by Drew Lock - no turnovers and good game management - along with a stand out performance by a 2 receivers would mean things are tracking correctly.


Bohkay - In a hideous display of SEC East football, Kentucky wins 24-17...

switzy227 - I am woefully unqualified to do this, but I'll say Kentucky wins 30-21.

jaeger - I can't. I just...I don't care enough.

Mitch - UK 31 Mizzou 17

AlaTiger - The prediction remains...

Matejka - I predict a whole lot of nonsense until I see something different. Also Kentucky’s going to win. Something like 28-13.