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What to make of Michael Porter Jr.’s injury and Missouri’s beatdown of Tennessee

Mizzou hoops overwhelmed Iowa State without Michael Porter Jr.? Barry Odom is now one game away from a bowl? #RealHomecoming was a great success!

Oscar Gamble, Dan Keegan and David Morrison are joined by friend of the program Ben DuBose as we discuss what to make of Missouri’s 74-59 beatdown of Iowa State, Michael Porter Jr.’s playing time, Ish Witter and Larry Rountree fueling Missouri’s 50-17 crushing of the Tennessee Volunteers and Drew Lock’s plans for the future.


1:05 — #RealHomecoming was a success!
1:30 — Mizzou hoops dominated Iowa State without MPJ
2:05 — Jontay Porter looked smooth
3:50 — Jeremiah Tilmon was a revelation
5:50 — The Jontay/Jeremiah Tag Team
8:45 — Jeremiah “Thrillmon” Tilmon
10:00 — What did we make of Kassius Robertson at PG?
11:15 — Positionless Basketball at Mizzou
11:45 — We are high on Blake Harris
14:30 — Jordan Barnett and #Rolestars
15:30 — Singing Kevin Puryear praises
16:40 — On Terrence Phillips, backup PG
17:45 — What to make of Michael Porter Jr.’s injury
22:45 — “All is Fair in Love and Ticket Sales” says David
25:45 — Hanging 50 on the Tennessee got Butch Jones fired
26:25 — Are the Tigers the new Champions of Life?
27:42 — Mizzou threw the ball too much for our liking
31:37 — But wait! #HalftimeAdjustments
32:52 — Anthony Sherrils had another outsanding game
33:30 — Mizzou’s seniors are peaking at the right time
38:30 — Revisiting Drew Lock’s NFL hype
42:25 — Could Lock be a pre-season Heisman candidate in 2018?

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