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Wagner Seahawks vs Mizzou Tigers

It’s Game 2, can Mizzou start a winning streak?

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for Game 2 of the 2017-2018 Season, let’s get at it.


Get caught up:

Mizzou vs ISU Highlights, ‘cause sometimes it’s good to enjoy something a second time around.

WHO ARE WE PLAYING?: The Wagner (not pronounced VAHHHHHHHHgner) Seahawks #279 KenPom and 1-0 after a beating of NJIT (a real live school)

IS MIZZOU RECEIVING TOP 25 VOTES?: Yes indeed! The latest AP poll has Mizzou as 31st, receiving 32 Top 25 votes.


WHERE'S IT AT?: Mizzou Arena (some student tickets remain apparently)

WHAT DOES VEGAS SAY?: Missouri -18.5

WHAT DOES KenPom SAY?: Mizzou 74-58


Twitter: @MizzouHoops

Facebook: Mizzou Men’s Basketball

Live Stats: StatBroadcast

To kill time, 5 questions for you, the rabid Mizzou fan

1) Predict the score, and who the high scorer is?

2) Who plays more, Mitchell Smith or MPJr?

3) Your Trifecta?

4) Favorite piece by Wagner?

5) What are you drinking and eating?


UPDATE!!!!! MPJr will not play tonight.

UPDATE #2!!!!! Neither Mitchell Smith nor CJ Roberts will be playing tonight.