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Missouri’s bowl game may decide how much credit Barry Odom deserves for this ‘Tiger Turnaround’

Discussing Michael Porter Jr., the road win against Vanderbilt and who we’d like Mizzou to play in a bowl game

Oscar Gamble and David Morrison tackle how Mizzou basketball is handling Michael Porter Jr.'s mystery injury, Missouri's 45-17 win over Vanderbilt — the first conference road win under Barry Odom, and which team the Tigers could face in a bowl game.


1:15 - How well is Mizzou handling Michael Porter Jr.'s injury news?
3:43 - MPJ’s back probably hurts from carrying Mizzou all off-season
5:13 - Would MPJ fix the problems we saw in 77-59 loss to Utah?
8:45 - Tigers should be good enough until MPJ returns
10:41 - Barry Odom's Tiger Turnaround deserves credit
14:28 - ...but why did Mizzou start the season so slow?
15:15 - The Tigers are still struggling to play a complete 4 quarters
18:30 - Richaud Floyd's 2 spectacular TDs sealed the game
20:11 - #TalkinBoutBeckner, we’re gonna miss him

23:20 - Cale Garrett and Terez Hall are leading resurgent defense
28:50 - Can Drew Lock "Keep It Rolling, Baby?"
29:35 - Who would you like Mizzou to play in a bowl game?
34:00 - A brief look ahead to Mizzou's 2018 schedule

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