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Missouri’s bowl game may decide how much credit Barry Odom deserves for this ‘Tiger Turnaround’

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Discussing Michael Porter Jr., the road win against Vanderbilt and who we’d like Mizzou to play in a bowl game

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Oscar Gamble and David Morrison tackle how Mizzou basketball is handling Michael Porter Jr.'s mystery injury, Missouri's 45-17 win over Vanderbilt — the first conference road win under Barry Odom, and which team the Tigers could face in a bowl game.


1:15 - How well is Mizzou handling Michael Porter Jr.'s injury news?
3:43 - MPJ’s back probably hurts from carrying Mizzou all off-season
5:13 - Would MPJ fix the problems we saw in 77-59 loss to Utah?
8:45 - Tigers should be good enough until MPJ returns
10:41 - Barry Odom's Tiger Turnaround deserves credit
14:28 - ...but why did Mizzou start the season so slow?
15:15 - The Tigers are still struggling to play a complete 4 quarters
18:30 - Richaud Floyd's 2 spectacular TDs sealed the game
20:11 - #TalkinBoutBeckner, we’re gonna miss him

23:20 - Cale Garrett and Terez Hall are leading resurgent defense
28:50 - Can Drew Lock "Keep It Rolling, Baby?"
29:35 - Who would you like Mizzou to play in a bowl game?
34:00 - A brief look ahead to Mizzou's 2018 schedule

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