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Live Thread: Emporia State Hornets vs. Missouri Tigers

Feeling down after a thumping on the road. No elixir or tonic is better than a Division II opponent.

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Missouri
Assuming Jeremiah TIlmon can stay on the floor, expect to see him doing lots of what’s going on in the photo.
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought the bloodletting that was Mizzou’s rout of Wagner was ghastly, well, the Tigers will likely expose you to more carnage tonight.

We get that Missouri had the ability to schedule a 13th non-conference game. Whether this palate cleanser is worth putting guys in uniforms, running up a utility bill and having concession people clock in remains unclear. But it’s happening. So, let’s hope it mercilessly swift and no injuries result.

The Review

Anything that could go wrong in Salt Lake City last Thursday did. Jeremiah Tilmon foul trouble? Check. Poor jump shooting? Yup. Turnovers? Fourteen of them. A slog of a pace? Did you watch that first half?

We've posted the few highlights from the harrowing trip to Utah, too. Because we believe in being optimistic. In reality, though, this wasn't a debacle. It was a young team having a bumpy trip on its first time in an opposing gym.

The Details

Opponent: Emporia State (2-0)

Time: 7 p.m. CT

Where: Mizzou Arena


WHAT DOES VEGAS SAY? No line, because bookmakers aren’t dumb.

WHAT DOES KenPom SAY? Not even Kim’s algorithm could be bothered to predict a margin.


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Five Questions

  1. Should this game have been played?
  2. What is listed attendance?
  3. What is your estimate of actual attendance?
  4. What’s the smallest town in Kansas you’ve visited?
  5. How are you coping with MPJ anxiety?