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It’s time for a Mizzou palate cleanser

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

So yeah. Yesterday wasn’t a particularly fun Tuesday in the Mizzou universe. The opportunity for self-pity is high, and we again look to football for a palate cleanser.

How’s a heart-warming piece on former walk-on defensive end Jordan Harold sound?

Or this week’s Mizzou mini-movie?

Or maybe a perusal of PFF’s SEC team of the week (which features Albert Okwuegbunam, Kevin Pendleton, and Brandon Lee)?

Maybe a chance to see a fun volleyball team tonight at the Hearnes Center?

Or a story about Mizzou golfer Hayden Buckley’s new mental approach?

Or a new PAPN, in which I continue to casually talk about Mizzou as a good football team?

No? Okay, fine, let’s dip into the YouTube vault.

Good now? Okay, then with a clean palate, maybe we can start to talk about football players missing Thanksgiving or, you know, who Mizzou Basketball is going to have to look to to score points.


(What are you eating tomorrow, by the way?)