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Recapping Missouri’s rivalry win over Arkansas and what Michael Porter Jr.’s injury means for basketball

Does Michael Porter Jr.’s injury mean Mizzou is cursed? Where does Drew Lock rank among Missouri QBs?

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Missouri vs Arkansas recap.

Oscar Gamble, Dan Keegan, David Morrison and guest Alec Blome discuss Missouri's thrilling 48-45 rivalry win over Arkansas using old Gary Pinkel catch phrases and making up a few of our own. Then with the news about Michael Porter Jr.’s injury we debate the nature of curses and sports and how Mizzou basketball is on the rise.


0:45 - Gary Pinkel used to say, “Those who win in November...will be remembered
0:54 - Dan Keegan has his own saying, “Missouri overachieves in the most painful way possible”
1:55 - David Morrison notes this was an example of winning in spite of your defense
4:15 - The Tigers suckered Arkansas into playing their up-tempo style
6:00 - Dirty plays, blatant homerism and Terry Beckner eating faces
6:28 - “Forced Rivalries” brought to you by ...
7:52 - Completing the Gary Pinkel & Drew Lock Revenge Tour
9:00 - More like "Barry Doom" with all these coaches getting fired
10:15 - Is Mizzou's winning streak Fool's Gold?
12:05 - On slow starts vs bad stretches
14:15 - Can Albert Okwuegbunam be an All-SEC tight end?
15:00 - Celebrating Ish Witter (he’s EIGHT yards away from 1,000 on the season!)
18:10 - Tucker McCann-do it!
19:40 - Briefly musing about end of game coaching snafus
22:15 - Drew Lock’s record breaking season
22:38 - Where does Drew Lock rank among Mizzou QBs?
30:31 - "This is why Drew Lock needs to return..."
35:23 - J'Mon Moore, Emanuel Hall were pivotal to this season
42:30 - #TalkinBoutBeckner
49:40 - Is Missouri cursed? Discussing Michael Porter Jr.'s injury
51:24 - The #PatFordeEffect
56:08 - How many more sacrifices must Mizzou make?
57:00 - MPJ closure and hoops bouncing back with new identity
1:01:49 - Debating starting lineups: Kassius Robertson, Terrence Phillips, Blake Harris
1:04:42 - Jeremiah Tilmon's foul reputation
1:08:42 - Our episode schedule for December

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