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Albert Okwuegbunam’s been among the best tight ends in the country of late

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

So upon seeing that redshirt freshman Albert Okwuegbunam was getting even more national recognition...

...I suddenly had a revelation: Has Albert O been the best tight end in the country over the last half of the season?

The answer: probably not. Al has 18 catches for 270 yards and nine touchdowns in the last six games, and while the scoring figure is untouchable, OU’s Mark Andrews does have 28 for 389 and three scores in that time, while Penn State’s Mike Gesicki has 29 for 325 and five and UMass’ Adam Breneman has 34 for 346 and three. So he’s been merely among the nation’s best.

Okay, fine, maybe I was overshooting. BUT ... it also hit me that Albert O might have a claim to stake within the SEC. Should he be getting all-league honors? Yes. But maybe second-team.

Okwuegbunam is currently second among SEC tight ends in receptions (he has 25, while South Carolina’s Hayden Hurst has 41) and yards (he has 372 to Hurst’s 518). And while O’s touchdown total laps everybody else’s (he has 11 to Hurst’s two, and no other tight end has more than four), that advantage, plus preseason name recognition, will probably give Hurst the nod unless O gets extra credit for his second-half surge. (Hurst has just 221 yards and no scores over the last six games.)

But if O is anything less than second-team, we riot.

Okay, we passive aggressively complain on a message board.

Second-team isn’t bad considering he had seven catches halfway through the season, though, huh? Hell, he had two catches after three games. You’re lucky, Hurst.

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