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Reading the tea leaves (i.e. Twitter follows) to figure out Barry Odom’s next offensive coordinator

Here are today’s Mizzou Links. I remembered this time!

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - Stanford v Oklahoma State
Todd Monken

You know what game we hadn’t played in a while? Who’s Barry Odom Following! I saw it referenced on the PowerMizzou boards yesterday, and indeed, it might be telling. Or it might not be. That’s part of the fun.

Playing this game when Odom was first hired was both enlightening and misleading. It put Brick Haley on everyone’s radar, and a year later Odom managed to bring Haley to Columbia. But it also brought up names like Tosh Lupoi and Darin Hinshaw, who obviously didn’t make it to Columbia.

With that obvious caveat in mind, let’s check out Odom’s recent follows.


The last two follows:

Sterlin Gilbert is a name I mentioned in my initial “broad list of candidates” post.

Sterlin Gilbert runs a variation of the air raid not too far from Heupel’s vision. USF skewed a bit more run-heavy this year thanks to the presence of incredibly mobile quarterback Quinton Flowers, but he’s young and quickly gaining in experience and prowess.

I got excited at first because I thought I listed him among what I considered the most realistic five, but evidently I chose Sonny Dykes — now SMU’s head coach — for the fifth spot instead.

Todd Monken, meanwhile? Interesting. Monken was Mike Gundy’s offensive coordinator at Oklahoma State when the Cowboys nearly won the national title in 2011, and he flipped Southern Miss from 1-11 in 2013 to 9-5 in 2015 when he was head coach in Hattiesburg. He’s spent the last two seasons as offensive coordinator of the Tampa Bay Bucs under head coach Dirk Koetter; they were 19th in Off. DVOA in his first season and are up to 15th this year, but the defense has imploded, and they’re only 4-9.

Knowing how quick the hook is for head coaches in the NFL, might that get Koetter fired? If so, you could certainly make the case that Monken might be in the market for a new job. But this follow could also be a complete and total coincidence. It also might not be.

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