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Texas Bowl Preview: On bad years vs. good years and who wants it more

Previewing the Mizzou vs Texas bowl game and weighing the impact of the new December signing day.

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Missouri Tigers vs Texas Longhorns Bowl Game Preview

Oscar Gamble, Dan Keegan, David Morrison and special guest Ian Boyd — who writes about college football X’s and O’s for SB Nation and about the Texas Longhorns for — come together to discuss Missouri football’s turnaround, the Texas Bowl matchup between Mizzou and the Texas Longhorns and the potential impact of recruiting for December’s National Signing Day on the bowl season. No we didn’t forget to address that famous DeLoss Dodds quote.


1:58 - Emanuel Hall keyed Mizzou's offensive explosion
3:38 - Mizzou's winning streak: schedule or turnaround?
6:38 - Mizzou has "The most dangerous offense in the world on 1st and 10"
8:32 - Albert Okwuegbunam is Mizzou's trump card
9:40 - Mizzou's strengths appear to line up against Texas' weakness
13:05 - Impact of Texas missing studs DeShone Elliot and Malik Jefferson
14:53 - Can Damarea Crockett have a Tony Temple bowl game?
16:35 - Watch for Drew Lock’s readiness vs Texas’ dime coverage
17:05 - Who's calling plays for Mizzou's offense?
18:05 - How modern spread offenses work
19:31 - Texas' offense is bad — what to expect from Sam Ehlinger
22:00 - With all their injuries, Texas in 2017 resembles Mizzou in 2012
23:07 - Talking possible offensive coordinators
24:30 - David makes the case for Joe Jon Finley as OC
26:05 - Discussing the curious case of Heupel and Elarbee’s move to UCF
27:03 - What to make of Barry Odom's hirings
31:30 - Missouri's new offensive line coach is Brad Davis
32:30 - #TalkingBoutBeckner
35:13 - How Barry Odom and Tom Herman view the bowl game
35:23 - The impact of recruiting and the new national signing day on bowl season
42:00 - On that famous DeLoss Dodds quote and "The Mizzou Mindset"
46:50 - Texas lost to kansas, people forget that

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