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Cuonzo Martin is classy as hell

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

We make far too much use of the word “classy,” and generally in a very sarcastic or haughty way. Stay classy, Kansas fans, and whatnot.

This here, though? This is classy as hell.

“Y’all got just as much talent as we’ve got man ... I’ve never done this in my career. Y’all are a hell of a team, hell of a coach.”

He’s not wrong.

SFA was every bit as problematic in the ball-handling department as I figured, and Mizzou needed every bit of Kassius Roberton’s 23 points, personal late-game 5-0 run, and last-second steal to survive, 82-81. Mizzou shot 50 percent from 3-point range and still barely won. The Lumberjacks know exactly what they are and were custom-built to scare the hell out of Missouri.

The Tigers are lucky they’re 10-2. They’re also lucky to be represented by Cuonzo Martin.

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More Links:

  • Not that this means much for Mizzou (Michael Thompson aside), but nearly half the Tiger 10 is expected to wait till February to sign.