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Josh Heupel is gone and that leaves a big hole on the sideline for Barry Odom

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Florida v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

ICYMI, Yesterday in Rock M Nation posts:

Getting to the big news, the Tigers are on the hunt for a new Offensive Coordinator, and I encourage you to read Bill’s, uh, list because it’s, uh, comprehensive. But Dave Matter, Gabe DeArmond, and Alex Schiffer all took stabs at what’s next for Barry Odom in somewhat, uh, less comprehensive pieces than what Bill wrote (none of them brought up the Princeton football program).

But one thing is for sure, it certainly made the water around Drew Lock’s decision murkier.

Some have concluded that Heupel's decision locked in Lock's decision to enter the draft.

I'll wait until we hear it from Lock -- and remind that he has not yet received a grade from the NFL's College Advisory Committee -- but the notion of Lock leading the Tigers beyond the Texas Bowl sure feels more unlikely than it did yesterday.

If Lock returns, he will be adjusting to a new system in his final year of eligibility. He will be working with a new position coach. This would be his third offensive coordinator in four seasons.

There’s been talk, mainly from Drew’s dad Andy, that the decision of Heupel to head towards UCF won’t affect his sons decision to go pro or not.

Playing for three offensive coordinators in four years could uniquely prepare Drew Lock for the turnstile coaching ranks in the NFL actually. So, stay in school Drew.

The Mizzou players had a reaction to the news obviously, and maybe it’s just me being old but I liked this one the most:

I get it if any player feels outraged, honestly I try not to begrudge anyone to how they feel about anything because we all react differently to different things and I react poorly to far too many things to judge someone else. But it was nice to see a break from the shock and outrage and just see someone be happy for Josh Heupel. It’s a great job and a phenomenal opportunity and if you have the chance to go from an OC at a mid-level SEC school to one of THE BEST group of five school head coaching jobs you do it.

From a non-football perspective, I did think Mizzou probably had another year of Heupel, hopefully steering a 9-10 win offense next season before bailing for his head coaching shot. But you can’t turn down UCF.

More Links:

  • Mizzou played a basketball game last night, and while the Tigers won, there was a dude on the bench we hadn’t see for a while.

Martin doesn't shoot 100 percent on the recruiting trail. He doesn't deserve credit for the development his former players and signees have achieved under other coaches. And yes, the goal is to have your players actually play for you. Martin is now coaching his fourth team in 10 years. His hops have left the talent he accumulated scattered across the country.

But Martin has not been shy about saying he wants to stick at Mizzou for the long haul. As long as that's the case, the players mentioned above should offer some solace to Mizzou fans who are still wrestling with post-Michael-Porter depression. These guys show that Martin can identify and secure talent, perhaps more than the much-discussed recruiting rankings often realize.

  • It looks like Arkansas may have found their coach according to reports. Chad Morris is a reasonable hire, which is why it’s weird for the SEC.
  • This concludes your 99% Men’s Basketball and College Football Links Post.