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PODCAST! Rock M Radio Presents: Dive Cuts with Sam Snelling and Matthew Harris

Episode 11: Puryear, Tilmon, Mizzou’s Point Guard, and Courtney Ramey.

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Rock M Radio and the Dive Cuts crew is back with another edition of your favorite Mizzou Basketball podcast!

They dive into a brief recap on what we saw from Mizzou since the last time we saw them. Mizzou Basketball is also about a third of the way through their season. What are their thoughts so far?

Sam and Matt also break down Kevin Puryear, Jeremiah Tilmon and what they mean to this team. Tilmon's last couple of outings have been successes as far as the fouling goes... What's changed? When will we see a little bit more of Jordan Barnett driving? PLUS, Mizzou has a Point Guard situation we are still waiting to see how it plays out down the stretch. Who do you think should see the most time on the floor at Point Guard? Let us know on Twitter @RockMRadio, @SamTSnelling, and @MattJHarris85.

To wrap things up, they touch on the Courtney Ramey recruiting situation and where Mizzou is with that after the latest news on that front.

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