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Mizzou vs Alabama Game Thread

Home winning streak is at TWO, let's see if Mizzou can make it THREE!

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports


Missouri Tigers (7-17, 2-10in conference)
Alabama Crimson Tide (14-10, 7-5 in conference)


SEC Basketball


7:30 PM CT


MIzzou Arena, COMO, where Mizzou no longer loses


First step towards immortality


SEC Network


Tiger Radio Network
Mike Kelly, Gary Link

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Your Mizzou Tigers are on a two game home court winning streak and now they face Alabama. And it's not the football team so Mizzou's got a chance!

Here are the details you need to know before this game tips:

  • Alabama on offense can't shoot (from anywhere) and turns the ball over a lot! They make up for this by being fantastic on the offensive glass, which leads to them getting to the free throw line a lot! They lost to Kentucky this past weekend by 9, and missed 17 free throws, so they're not a team to take lightly.
  • On the defensive side of things, Alabama is good at everything, except for fouling, they have tendency to get handsy. Since Avery Johnson has been in town, you really never know what the Tide are going to do on offense, but on defense they are going to lock you down.
  • Where can our Tigers make hay? Play good on ball defense, and if the game is close at the end, foul a bunch 'cause they're probably going to miss some free throws.

Kevin Puryear seems excited, are you?

Go Tigers!