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Mizzou vs Florida Live Thread

Mizzou is 0 for 2017, will tonight be the night they get their first win of the newish year?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Missouri Tigers (5-15, 0-8 in conference)
#24 Florida Gators (16-5, 6-2 in conference)


SEC Basketball


Thursday, February 2nd
at 6:00 PM CT


The O Dome, Gainesville, FLA


To appreciate the eventual good Mizzou you have to live bad Mizzou




Tiger Radio Network
Mike Kelly, Gary Link

After a brief foray home against South Carolina, the Tigers are back on the road again to take on the Gators of Florida. Florida is either the second or third best team in the conference dependent upon what you believe. Really, they're good and this will be a very, very hard game for Mizzou to win, just like all of them.

The Gators come into this game ranked 24th in the coaches poll and 10th in Kenpom. Kenpom is predicting quite the beating for our Tigers, of 81-57, but I say nuts to that. Mizzou has played not horrifically on the road this season and there are a few things that are going in their favor:

  • Florida has Kentucky this weekend so they are totally overlooking this game. They're primed for an upset!
  • For those living under a boulder, yesterday was National Signing Day and the Gators had a big day, so their fans will totally have forgotten about basketball until this weekend, so again, a good chance for Mizzou to sneak in and sneak out with a win.
  • Mizzou has to win this calendar year at some point, maybe.

In non this year related Mizzou news, Mizzou Network posted a recap video of Clarence Gilbert and Keyon Dooling going bananas against Kansas all the way back in 2000, so check that out before tonight's game.