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Missouri is 8-19 in close finishes over the last 3 years. Guh.

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

NCAA Basketball: Missouri at Mississippi Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Florida 68, Mizzou 58
  2. Ole Miss 91, Mizzou 88
  3. Alabama 80, Mizzou 73
  4. Georgia 71, Mizzou 56
  5. Tennessee 72, Mizzou 45
  6. Oklahoma 82, Mizzou 63
  7. Auburn 85, Mizzou 79
  8. Kentucky 86, Mizzou 37
  9. Texas A&M 62, Mizzou 50
  10. Alabama 62, Mizzou 49
  11. South Carolina 65, Mizzou 60
  12. Arkansas 84, Mizzou 69
  13. Vanderbilt 76, Mizzou 53
  14. Georgia 68, Mizzou 44
  15. Mississippi State 52, Mizzou 43
  16. Xavier 78, Mizzou 66
  17. Arizona 88, Mizzou 52
  18. Georgia 77, Mizzou 59
  19. South Carolina 81, Mizzou 72
  20. Texas A&M 66, Mizzou 53
  21. Kentucky 88, Mizzou 54
  22. Alabama 80, Mizzou 71
  23. Vanderbilt 86, Mizzou 71
  24. Arkansas 84, Mizzou 72
  25. Ole Miss 85, Mizzou 76
  26. LSU 80, Mizzou 71
  27. Georgia 71, Mizzou 66
  28. Arkansas 92, Mizzou 73
  29. Alabama 68, Mizzou 56
  30. Mississippi State 89, Mizzou 74
  31. Florida 93, Mizzou 54
  32. Texas A&M 76, Mizzou 73
  33. Tennessee 90, Mizzou 70
  34. Ole Miss 80, Mizzou 77

It’s now been 1,126 days since Mizzou won a road game. Even when you’re bad, losing 34 straight games under any circumstance is tough to do with the randomness that rims, officials, and 19-year old males bring to the table. But while there have been plenty of blowouts on the list above, there have been quite a few close losses as well.

Out of curiosity yesterday, I looked at close-game records. Under Kim Anderson, Mizzou is 0-5 on the road in games decided by six or fewer points or overtime; that’s obviously bad, but the Tigers are also 8-14 in such games at home or on neutral courts.

Record in games decided in overtime or by six or fewer points:
  • Kim Anderson 8-19
  • Frank Haith 18-15
  • Mike Anderson 20-25

Haith was easily the best of Mizzou’s last three coaches when it comes to winning tight games. Now, part of this has to do with simply having good teams; Haith’s three years featured the highest level of sustained quality, and Mike Anderson’s close-game record was 6-16 until Mizzou flipped the switch midway through 2008-09. From that point forward, it was 14-9.

The most important aspect for winning close games is having a decent team. Duh. But ... 8-19! That’s pretty remarkable. When Anderson said this on Saturday...

“That’s kind of the story of our season,” Tigers coach Kim Anderson said. “We’ve been close in a lot of games and we just haven’t been able to make that big play at the end, or make the big shot or get the big rebound or whatever.” wasn’t just a “story of our season” thing. It’s been more than one season.

This was intended to more of a marveling thing than a wallowing thing, but Kim Anderson probably has one more chance to win a road game as Missouri’s head coach, and I’d really like it if he won it. Let’s move on to the rest of the Mizzou universe, which had one hell of a weekend.

More Links:

  • DOUBLE BYE, BABY. Mizzou Women’s Hoops absorbed a few heavy shots from Alabama but pulled away to win, 65-56, and clinch the No. 3 seed in the SEC Tournament. This time it was Sierra Michaelis leading the way; the senior had 22 points, went 4-for-8 from 3-point range, grabbed eight rebounds (four offensive), and dished three assists. Here’s more from the Post-Dispatch and Missourian.