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Rock M Nation bracket challenge: Add your name to the list

Bill hasn’t signed up yet ... YET.

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Championship-Iowa State vs West Virginia Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Have you joined? You have joined? Great!

You haven’t joined? What is wrong with you? You don’t have to know SPROTS or squeaky bouncy hoops AT ALL to win this thing because it’s a complete crap shoot! But you should still sign up. With the bracket being announced today, there is no better time to get prepared.

If you want to prove to the world that you're smarter than me, your resident College Basketball EXPERT, now is your chance. Come join Rock M Nation's NCAA Bracket Pool, and drop mad bracket knowledge with all those 5-12 upsets!.

The winner of this year's bracket challenge will take home the following fabulous prizes:

Internet bragging rights for the entire year.

A Tweet and Facebook post from the RMN accounts bragging to the entire world about how smart you are.

That's it!

The funds are a little tight around here until BIll's book sales really start rolling in! But bragging rights are a powerful thing, maybe the most powerful of things.

So join our bracket group, and do a better job at picking these games than me and the rest of the RMN community. Prove your mettle!

So remember, some teams are good, some teams got in but didn’t deserve it, some teams got left out but deserved a bid, but one one team and one bracket will win this thing!


Last year I went full #TeamNoBracket, but I’m filling out ONE bracket this year. See if you can beat it (you probably can). And here’s a printable bracket, if you like to fill it out old-school.