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The season is over for Tom Crean and Cuonzo Martin. What does it mean for the Mizzou search?

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Well, I guess you could say the ball is in motion. Two of the coaches on Mizzou’s (supposed) list are now done playing basketball for the year.

Tom Crean’s Indiana Hoosiers finished the year with a dud. Opening the NIT at Georgia Tech (because IU’s athletic director didn’t want to sully Assembly Hall with an NIT game, which ... LOL, OKAY), Indiana began the game down 17-4 and eventually faltered after chasing the game uphill. They took the lead early in the second half but faded, 75-63.

Cuonzo Martin’s Cal Bears also started slowly in their NIT game against CSU-Bakersfield. With two key players out with injury, they found themselves down 25 points at halftime before battling back to lose, 73-66.

(In all, lower seeds won six of yesterday’s eight NIT games. The NIT is the ultimate motivation tournament.)

What this means, we don’t necessarily know, because we don’t know what the order of names is on Jim Sterk’s own personal hot list. For all we know, he’s still chasing Gregg Marshall. But in theory, we will be figuring out if Crean is unemployed soon, and if there’s a ball to roll, it could start rolling on Martin at any moment.

While we’re talking basketball, a couple of local links:

  • Dave Matter autopsies the Kim Anderson era. Cause of death: lack of offense. “For Anderson’s third and final team, a group short on height and depth inside couldn’t shoot straight from outside, a toxic combination for any team.”
  • It probably doesn’t pertain to Mizzou, but the AP outlined some young coaches who could be raising their stock this weekend in the NCAA Tournament.

More Links: