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Lorenzo Romar has been fired from Washington. Here’s what it means for Mizzou.

NCAA Basketball: Washington at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The news is coming fast and furious today. First, Missouri found its next head coach in Cuonzo Martin. Now, another almost equally interesting domino fell: Lorenzo Romar was let go by the University of Washington.

This is interesting for a rather obvious reason. Let’s do the math:

  1. Romar hired family friend Michael Porter Sr. as an assistant coach in 2016.
  2. Porter’s sons, Michael and Jontay, are high-profile recruits. Michael is a 2017 recruit who signed a scholarship agreement in the fall and, it appears, signed a letter of intent recently as an enticement for UW keeping Romar.
  3. Without Romar or Porter Sr., Porter Jr. has no ties to Washington and becomes, for lack of a better term, a free agent.
  4. Well, he’s a free agent for now. Maybe not for long.

On its subscriber board this morning, PowerMizzou had a rather interesting set of information about the Porters and their potential ties to Mizzou if Romar were indeed let go.

Obviously nothing is a done deal, but this next week or so could be pretty interesting.