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Missouri landed a stud in Michael Porter Jr. How the heck do you set expectations?

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Hey, don’t know if you heard, but Michael Porter Jr. committed on Friday. Oh, you did? Cool. Just wanted to make sure. Anyway, now we begin the seven-month process of trying to figure out how the hell to set expectations, both for an other-worldly talent like Porter and a team that just added the best freshman in the country but otherwise still won just eight games last year.

For help with the former, we turn to Dave Matter’s weekend piece at the Post-Dispatch, in which he attempts to piece together the 12 most high-profile recruits Mizzou has landed. Considering recruiting has only been a truly national industry for about 20 years, that’s a tricky thing to do, but his top five sounds about right: Steve Stipanovich, Derrick Chievous, Anthony Peeler, Kareem Rush, and Linas Kleiza.

Combined, these five averaged 12.7 points per game during their respective freshman campaigns, shooting 51% from the field and grabbing 5.6 rebounds per game. That would be solid ... though honestly, that might qualify as “below expectations” for MPJ. None of these five incredible players were top-2 recruits.


Mizzou’s five most high-profile recruits averaged 13 PPG and 6 RPG during their freshman seasons. For Michael Porter Jr., would that be...

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Perhaps more noteworthy: While Kleiza signed for a team that had already experienced recent success, the other four all reported to teams that had been somewhere between mediocre and decent the year before. Mizzou improved by 12 wins in Stipanovich’s first year, by two in Chievous’ first year, and by 10 in Peeler’s first year. (The undersized Tigers regressed by two wins during Rush’s freshman campaign.)

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