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No more room for error

Here are today’s Mizzou links

Later today, Mizzou’s women’s basketball team will start their run at the SEC tournament, and it sounds like they’re hungry.

“We’re just a team that’s never satisfied,” said guard Lindsey Cunningham, one of Pingeton’s three seniors along with Lianna Doty (Kirkwood) and Sierra Michaelis. “We work really hard, we achieve something, but then we want what’s next. That’s a good mentality to have. It doesn’t allow us to exhale and get comfortable. Once you do that, it starts going downhill.”

They’ll be looking to the teams’ young leader, Sophie Cunningham, to get things going offensively.

“She gave us a whole new spark,” senior guard Sierra Michaelis said. “She’s the program’s first McDonald’s All-American, so that’s a huge honor. She puts everything she has into the game of basketball. … Just being in practice with her, she makes everyone better. We all got better once Sophie got here.”

We’ll be rooting for you, girls. Make us proud

More Links:

“We just kept rolling,” right fielder Trey Harris said of the 22-hit onslaught. “We were like, ‘Oh, man, we’ve got 10. Oh snap, we’ve got 15.’ It just kept going. Guys were having good (at-bats).”