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Mizzou’s offensive progress will depend on Drew Lock’s progressions

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Remember football? That game with the pointy ball that occupies Saturdays in the fall? Because of the basketball coaching change and Michael Porter Jr. news, we haven’t been spending a lot of time talking about it, and you haven’t spent a lot of time asking about it. That’s probably a good thing, really. Regardless, let’s check in on the pointy-ball sport!

My favorite Mizzou football link of the week: this SEC Country piece from Ollie Connolly on Drew Lock. (Well, it’s like five different pieces crammed into one, but one of them is on Lock. Just Ctrl-F his name.)

There are some nice GIF examples in play, but the gist of Connolly’s analysis:

Heupel is somewhat hamstrung by his quarterback. Lock lacks nuance. He’s a power thrower who delivers fastballs on every throw and hasn’t shown the ability to bounce through multiple progressions. When the predetermined throw is there, and he’s launching the ball down the field, he looks like a superstar.

Lock needs to get better on second-level “bucket” throws — where he’ll have to alter his trajectories and the velocity of his delivery. [...]

Those physical traits handcuff Heupel and the offense to some extent, but it’s from the neck up that Mizzou really needs to see improvement — most notably his eyes, which often limit the offense to being half-field read only.

If Lock can improve his feel within the pocket, the offense can expand and be far more consistent against better competition.

I don’t think I agree with the “fastballs on every throw” part, but the single-read progression part is obviously dead-on. His progression in this regard will determine whether Mizzou tops out as a top-30 or top-40 offense (the Tigers were 42nd in Off. S&P+ last year) or whether the ceiling is higher.

I remain optimistic in that regard, and for one simple reason: Lock was a true sophomore last year, learning his second offense in two years and getting used to actually having options of any kind (unlike 2015). You tend to make your biggest leaps in college between year 1 and 2 and between year 2 and 3. He definitely pulled off the former last year. Now we get to find out about the latter. Having that much more of an experienced receiving corps around him won’t hurt.

EMU-Lock Derrick Forsythe (Rock M Nation)

More football:

  • Feel like catching up with former Tiger defensive end Walter Brady? Here you go. And why did he get kicked off the team? A pretty unfair situation, according to his mother at least:

“His younger sister was supposed to move to Missouri (to) come stay with him (at his three-bedroom apartment),” Sada said. “There was an extra room, but this other teammate decided he wanted to move in. Walter said no. This guy took (it) upon himself to try to move in anyway and that’s when things went south. It got escalated from there. It got physical.”


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This is the first links post in a long time that didn’t lead with Michael Porter Jr. But there are still some MPJ links for you to consume.

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