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In the last regular season game, Mizzou takes on Auburn in Tiger on Tiger action

In what is almost assured to be Kim Anderson's final regular season game as coach, he'll try to net his first road win in his three years, and Missouri's first road win in 35 tries. THIRTY-FIVE

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

35, that means they're due, right?


Missouri Tigers
Auburn Tigers


SEC, let's call it, Basketball


Saturday March 4th & 2:30pm


Auburn Arena
Auburn, AL


18 game conference schedule requirement


SEC Network / WatchESPN
Richard Cross / Jarvis Hayes


Tiger Radio Network
Mike Kelly, Gary Link

If you gave me 17% odds to win on a small bet with a big reward I'd probably jump on it. But if you gave me a chance to bet on Missouri winning a road game no matter the odds, I'm gonna have to walk away from that one. Auburn isn't what one might call a GOOD team, but they are 10-5 at home, though only 3-5 in conference play. Youth is the one thing that stands out about both teams, Auburn is 331st in the country, Missouri is 327th. Its easy to see why both teams have struggled, but Auburns ceiling is certainly higher than Missouri's as evidenced by their winning record and quality wins. Auburn has 7 top 100 wins in KenPom, and their worst loss (to Boston College at 160) is their only sub 100 loss.

Mizzou at Auburn KenPom 3-4-17

The matchup will come down to how well Missouri controls the ball. They don't shoot well enough to turn the ball over, and Auburn can turn up the heat and force a lot of turnovers, especially at home. Mizzou has been pretty good with the ball this year, only turning the ball over on 17% of their possessions, Auburn likes to speed teams up and force them to cough it up on 20% of their possessions. So for a team that plays at an adjusted tempo of 74 possessions a game, the more turnovers created will very clearly hurt Mizzou. Manage the ball, extend possessions and (hopefully) don't shoot horribly and Missouri could find themselves very much in this ball game.

Right now, Missouri is 7-22. They'd have to win today and in the first round of the SEC tournament to match the nine-win total from two years ago. They'd have to win today, and two games in the SEC tournament to match last year's 10 win total. I'd just like to see at least one more. For old times sake...