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Mizzou v Auburn III: Will this be Kim Anderson's swan song?

The decision has been made, but Coach Anderson still has one more game to play. If he can win tonight, he'll extend his Missouri stay for at least another night.

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In the 11 vs 14 matchup, two teams that played on Saturday face off again. It's never easy to beat a team three games in a row, it's also tough to beat them twice within a week. But Auburn is a crazy wild youthfully exuberant team who could show up and make every shot or forget the game time and lose by 15 points. Neither outcome would surprise me.

Mizzou v Auburn KenPom 3-8-17

The advantages are the same as before, hopefully Mizzou will defend a little better than last time. I'm guessing if Auburn shoots ~75% from the floor in the first half, Mizzou will be behind in the game.

We'll always have this image, Auburn fans... you can't take this away from us: