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HELP WANTED: Want to become a Rock M Nation podcast producer?

Arkansas v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

So we're going to attempt something pretty exciting at Rock M Nation, but we need to make an important hire first.

HELP WANTED: We're looking to hire (and pay!) a part-time podcast producer to edit and publish up to four podcasts per week during busy times. We are arranging a series of podcasts, but we need someone to coordinate it all. That means scheduling, regular editing, and regular posting as required. And if you want to take part in a podcast yourself, that's even better.

This is all a very flexible enterprise. You will have input on how everything plays out, and you will have input on what is used to make everything play out.

QUALIFICATIONS: Experience in editing audio and up-to-date knowledge of podcasting service options — Audition, Audacity, Zencastr, etc.

INSTRUCTIONS: If you're interested, please send an e-mail to with either an organized résumé, examples of work you've done, or both.

This won't require a massive number of weekly hours, but it will require steady, reliable work. Looking forward to this.