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Blue-chip forward Jeremiah Tilmon asks out of Illinois LOI, might have Mizzou interest

Things happen very, very quickly in recruiting.

Mizzou Hoops Recruiting Header 15

First shot:

That’s blue-chipper Jeremiah Tilmon, East St. Louis product and the No. 29 prospect in the country per the 247Sports Composite, announcing that he was requesting his release from his Illinois letter of intent.

Second shot:

That’s 247’s Jerry Meyer writing a piece that includes the line, “247Sports is hearing that a visit by Tilmon to Missouri this coming weekend is a possibility.”


That’s everybody on the 247Sports Crystal Ball team predicting that Tilmon might be wanting to take a look at the school two hours to the west.

We’ll see if he is indeed released from his LOI; Illinois could technically say no, though it’s pretty common to say yes in the event of a coaching change. But we heard a while back that Michael Porter Jr. was trying to pique Tilmon’s interest. It appears he might have piqued Tilmon’s interest. And with Porter and Kevin Knox already coming to town this weekend, it appears there might be a third blue-chipper in Columbia as well.


Oh yeah, and here’s Tilmon in action.

He’s not bad.