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PODCAST: Bench Minutes, a Mizzou Basketball Podcast

Welcome to episode 1 of a new podcast with Sam Snelling and Jarrett Sutton where there is lots of Mizzou basketball to talk about

bench minutes podcast

OMG it’s a new podcast!

This time around, Jarrett and Sam had a lot of buildup over the last few months, so we talked about:

  • Why Kim Anderson didn’t work out?
  • What Cuonzo Martin needs to do to succeed?
  • What is it like to go through a coaching change? (hint: Jarrett might have some insight)
  • Jeremiah Tilmon, the situation is uh... complicated.
  • Dope hip-hop intro music... AGAIN
  • and more, much more... like 6+ minutes of raw unadulterated Sutton on why KA got fired and was doomed from the start... it was epic

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Please like, review (hopefully positively), subscribe and all the positive things you can handle without getting creepy. Also if y’all have any feedback or questions leave ‘em here. We’re going to try to do this more often.