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Mizzou is planning a Norm Stewart statue outside Mizzou Arena. Can’t believe it took this long.

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Norm Stewart

A new coach and a drastically new team will be gracing Mizzou Arena next fall. And if things go according to plan, apparently there will also be a new statue out front.

The University of Missouri is raising money to build and install a statue of former basketball coach Norm Stewart outside its Mizzou Arena.

Tigers senior associate athletic director for strategic communications Nick Joos confirmed the project, which is slated for completion near the start of the 2017-18 season, on Wednesday evening.

“Obviously, we’re confident a lasting symbol of the impact that legendary coach Norm Stewart had on Mizzou Basketball and state of Missouri, as a whole, would be well received by our fans and the people of our state,” MU men’s basketball assistant director of strategic communications Patrick Crawford said via text message.

I guess my only surprise is how long it took for this to be conceptualized — he’s been retired for 18 years, and Mizzou Arena is 12 years old. Regardless, it’s happening now. I’m assuming it’ll look something like this...


...but Dave Matter’s got other ideas.

As for the present tense for Mizzou, the Tigers will need to shoot better to make a serious run at the NCAA Tournament, but Cuonzo Martin has begun to install his program.

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