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Missouri “starting to feel good” about Jeremiah Tilmon, and Kevin Knox set to announce

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Mizzou Basketball Recruiting Update HD

Three quick basketball recruiting updates for you to start your Tuesday morning:

  • Recruiting is fun. KSDK’s Frank Cusumano says Mizzou’s “starting to feel good” about Jeremiah Tilmon in his “eventful recruitment.”

And while we’re talking basketball ... the Trib’s new website is a bit ... tricky when it comes to finding things you want to find. Like most redesigns, it’ll probably become familiar pretty quickly. Regardless, said website has a couple of pieces you definitely want to check out. Daniel Jones is two-thirds of his way through a lengthy three-part series on Cuonzo Martin.

Part 1: The rebuilding begins

At Missouri, Martin quickly climbed Sterk’s coaching list. Sterk resisted reaching out to him directly, so he asked for insider help.

Sterk consulted the Bennetts. He reached out to Mike White, the coach at Florida and brother of MU Executive Associate AD Brian White. He contacted Ron Sanchez, an assistant coach at Virginia and a close friend of Martin. All helped “prime the pump.”

Sterk also reached out to Steve Fisher, who was the basketball coach during Sterk’s six-year stint at San Diego State. Fisher was happy to help.

“When I was at San Diego State, I believe I had seven or eight athletic directors in 18 years, if you count the interims,” Fisher said. “I had the ability to work with any of them. Jim Sterk is a rare bird. He is someone that you immediately feel comfortable with.”

Part 2: Cuonzo Martin was once reluctant to coach, but cancer set him on a path to Columbia

Four months into his playing career in Italy, Martin’s health deteriorated. He had a hard time catching his breath on the court. He lost 30 pounds — dropping from 215 to 185 — after moving abroad.

He was perplexed by the weight loss, though he thought little of it. His former teammate Ian Stanback lost 50 pounds after moving to Portugal to play professionally.

“I would always have” Stanback “kinda in my mind,” Martin said. “Like, ‘He lost a lot of weight. Maybe it’s something in the food or water, I don’t know.’ I would eat the food, and I would have it in my mouth, and I would just put it in a napkin. I really wasn’t eating it. I was tricking myself.”

Team doctors convinced him to go back to the United States after he passed out during a practice. Roberta and Joshua had just moved to Italy a month prior.

That’s when they found cancer.

Those are lengthy blurbs because both are lengthy, worthwhile pieces. Do check them out.

More Links:

  • Lutheran North coach Carl Reed is a fun follow.