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Missouri just officially landed Jontay Porter. Great! So when are you suiting up, J?

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Arkansas v Missouri

Jontay Porter is officially aboard! Now what? Well, now we wait, of course. But for how long?

He's unsure when he will decide on reclassifying and said that he's trying to reach a decision as soon as possible.

"Me and my family talked about it," he said. "I'm pretty sure I know what I want to do but it's not always about what I want to do."

Porter said the biggest hurdle with his decision to reclassify is that if he were to wait until after the Peach Jam to decide on it, he would miss summer classes and workouts at Missouri. He's already finished up work on the high school end and waiting another month would mean he wouldn't be able to take classes on campus while he finished out the grassroots season.

Honestly, it would be pretty shocking if he didn’t reclassify as a 2017 recruit at this point. His quotes are pretty openly revealing.

“I told the coaching staff with Mizzou that I was ready and they suggested doing it today based on keeping hype level up for Mizzou fans ,” Jontay Porter said. “ … They’re already excited with all these other commitments. After (East St. Louis center) Jeremiah (Tilmon) committed last week, I just thought this was a perfect time heading into summer to get everyone hyped for November.”

Yep, just a wee bit revealing..

Porter is excited about the talent Martin has assembled since taking the job in March.

"It's ginormous, the talent pool that's coming in," Porter said. "I think everyone besides Michael is underrated."

Porter has not decided whether or not he will reclassify, but he believes his decision will come soon, and he said that the end of the summer would be the "latest possible date."

"I'll reclassify when my coaches tell me to," the new commit said. "It could be today."

The goal is obviously to maximize what he gets out of AAU ball and summer high school hoops without minimizing what he gets out of being in Columbia for the summer. Regardless, this is likely headed somewhere pretty exciting.

If Porter reclassifies, the Porters could be the first pair of brothers to play for Missouri since Matt and Phil Pressey in 2011-12. Their father, Michael Porter Sr., was hired as an assistant coach on March 23.

“It’s a huge blessing being able to play with my dad and to potentially play with Mike,” Porter said. “Being around family is a dream come true. You couldn’t write this any better. All of us are pumped.”

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