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The Rally for Rhyan goes to Congress

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Mizzou Arena

In the run-up to Missouri’s firing of Kim Anderson this past basketball season, one of the more awkward concerns was what might happen to assistant coach Brad Loos and his family if/when Anderson was let go. Loos’ daughter Rhyan’s cancer battle, and the Rally for Rhyan cause, were inspirational causes within the Mizzou universe.

After Anderson’s dismissal, however, Loos quickly took a job with the Tiger Scholarship Fund, meaning the family would stay with the university for the foreseeable future. That means the #Rally continues. And near the end of last week, Loos went to Washington.

[T]he former Mizzou assistant had a different kind of audience this week in Washington, where he met with legislators on behalf of the American Cancer Society as part of Childhood Action Cancer Day.

Loos was in the nation’s capital to tell Rhyan’s story. [...]

Loos said it was a “huge priority” for his family to stay in Columbia. Brad and Jen have two other children, Brady and Charli.

“Personally, we didn’t feel like it was a good time to move our family,” he said. “We wanted the kids at the school they’re at and around the people they’ve been around. They’ve had enough trauma as it is. They didn’t need any more. Personally, I love Mizzou. We’ve really grown to love Mizzou and love Columbia, so it meant a lot to us that Jim Sterk and (associate ADs) Brian White and Ryan Alpert stuck their necks on the line for me to stick around. It says a lot about who they are as people.”

And here’s the latest update from Rhyan’s ongoing battle.

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