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Josh Heupel: Drew Lock will “put himself in a position to play at an extremely high level”

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Drew Lock
Derrick Forsythe (Rock M Nation)

You’d be worried if he didn’t say this, I guess, but Mizzou offensive coordinator Josh Heupel talked about the KC Star about his high expectations for the 2017 Tiger offense.

“I expect a bigger jump in [Drew Lock] as a player,” Heupel said. “If he has a great June and July, with all of the work he has put in during the offseason, he’ll put himself in a position to play at an extremely high level.” [...]

After struggling against LSU and Florida, Mizzou averaged 29.7 points per game and 6.3 yards per play over the second half of 2016, rising to 42nd in Off. S&P+ after ranking a dismal 120th the year before. Lock’s limitations were obvious, but he was a true sophomore learning how to actually play good football.

Your biggest jumps tend to come after your first and second seasons in college, and this is his second offseason. His entire line returns, as does almost his entire set of skill guys. Whatever the ceiling is for Lock — and I know that is a source of much debate within the Mizzou fan base — we should see a decent amount of it this fall.

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