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Missouri tight end Logan Christopherson brings more than just size to the table

The three-star athlete is the perfect combo of Midwest nice off-the-field and mean and explosive on it.

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On the surface, you might just see another three-star tight end from Nowhereville, Illinois in Logan Christopherson. But what Logan Christopherson may lack in star rating, he could make up in size and passion.

Let’s be clear: he starts with a lot of talent. The three-star recruit received offers from Illinois, Iowa State, Syracuse and others but turned them down in favor of building some special “down south” in SEC land.

Christopherson’s biggest asset may be his size; at 6’6 1/2, he’s taller than Rob Gronkowski. He can use his size to his advantage to get space in the open field or to set blocks for other receivers. Christopherson demonstrated this by playing for the highly touted Midwest Boom summer team that competes in 7v7 play.

“It was a really good program I went with because I met a lot of friends and we were all down to compete 110 percent,” Christopherson said. “Coach [J.R.] Niklos did a great job getting us all on that mindset.”

Midwest Boom’s alumni include 37 current or former NFL players, such as Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Cameron Brate and the Kansas City Chiefs’ James O’Shaughenssy. Best of all, Christopherson was able to grow under the leadership of former NFL tight end J.R. Niklos. Christopherson credits Niklos with improving his route running and explosiveness coming off the line.

Why did he choose Mizzou? There really was no other contender.

“Mizzou really sold me, [and] being in the SEC was always a childhood dream,” Christopherson said. Relationships also swayed Christopherson; he credits tight ends coach Joe Jon Finley, head coach Barry Odom, and his cousin for convincing him Mizzou was the place for him.

On his visit to Columbia, two other guys helped seal the deal.

“Actually when I first visited, Drew Lock and Jason Reese were the first two guys I met,” Christopherson said. “I’ve been really close with them ever since.”

The coaching staff, too, has benefited from Christopherson’s presence though he is yet to move onto campus.

“I didn’t have to get on the phone and brag, he was already Missouri Tigers,” Finley said in Christopherson’s #ShowMe17 video. “He did a great job recruiting other guys in our class.”

Christopherson is a spark for the 2017 recruits’ group texts; he’s extremely passionate to be playing for the Tigers and the state of Missouri. It is clear that Christopherson genuinely wants to be reppin’ the black and gold.

Christopherson will arrive on campus June 3. Though he will likely start further down on the TE depth chart, under talent like Kendall Blanton and Reese, Christopherson’s energy and team-first attitude is contagious.

Coach Finley already has high praise for Christopherson.

“He’s got a nasty streak to him, which is what we look for in a tight end,” Finley said. “More than anything, he’s gonna bring an attitude to the room that we’re looking for in our offense.”

Along with looking forward to experiencing the Missouri lakes and fishing hot-spots, Christopherson has another date on the calendar: October 14.

“I can’t wait to get to Georgia,” Christopherson said.