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Here’s your reminder that Missouri didn’t offer first-round NBA draft pick OG Anunoby

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

For obvious reasons, Missouri had absolutely nothing to do with the NBA draft last night. No Tiger names were magically called. But Jefferson City grad OG Anunoby was taken with the 23rd pick, which is interesting for two reasons.

First, it continues a rather mortifying trend, as shared by Gabe Dearmond last night.

Now, I’m a big “sealing the borders is an overrated concept” guy, as you probably know by now, but the state of Missouri has produced nine first-round picks since 2005, and none have gone to Mizzou? That’s just ... damn. Obviously that’s going to change next fall when Michael Porter Jr. has his name called, but ... damn.

Second, Anunoby was a “the one who got away” guy — Mizzou let him go. Kim Anderson and staff didn’t even offer him.

One key addendum:

We’ve had a lot of fun looking forward in recent months, and that will continue. Any complaints about Kim Anderson just seem like pointless bitterness when you think about what the team Mizzou fans get to watch this coming fall and winter.

That said ... to wallow one last time ... it’s just staggering to realize that Mizzou offered Cullen VanLeer and players like Vanderbilt’s Joe Toye (6 PPG last year), Xavier’s Kaiser Gates (also 6 PPG), and, yes, even Kevin Puryear (though as Sam mentions, they probably could have co-existed just fine), and not the elite defender who got a first-round ‘offer’ from the Toronto Raptors despite coming off of a knee injury.

Anunoby is a raw talent who’s still more based on potential than proven production, but ... it’s just nuts. Anyway. Enough of that. The tone of next year’s post-draft post will probably be just slightly different.

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